One day in 2000, I arrived by train at Barcelona with a suitcase full of drawings and my head full of dreams. I was looking for a new city in which to establish myself after living in Toulouse, Paris and London where I did a Bachelor of Arts at Central Saint Martins School specialising in textile design and print.

My aim was to start a new project. Thanks to meeting the right people and working hard, I got the chance to work for Spanish clothes designers and created my own label, whilst getting illustration commissions from magazines and exhibiting my personal work. Two years later, Comité was born in association with three friends: a shop in the heart of Barcelona in which we could create and sell our collections.

¿Quepasajulia? is the name of my label. This name comes from the Spanish expression ‘what’s happening?’, a continual self-questioning about the evolution of my work and my ideas, in pursuit of new answers all the time. Using designs, textures and colours I transform cloth and paper into three-dimensional paintings that move and coat the body and space.